Why does Jets define Rails module?


I was trying to integrate my Jets app with Dynamoid (https://github.com/Dynamoid/dynamoid) instead of using Dynomite.

Since it’s possible to integrate Dynamoid with Rails app, Dynamoid checks if the Rails module is defined, and, because Jets defines the Rails module, Dynamoid believes that my app is a Rails app, and this is causing errors when Dynamoid tries to call Rails.application.

So, why do Jets define Rails module?


@jalerson Thank for asking this as a question!

RE: So, why do Jets define Rails module?

Jets uses Rails to do a decent amount of work. One example is rendering. So that’s why Rails gets defined.

Opened up an issue for this: https://github.com/tongueroo/jets/issues/129 Definitely want to get this done. Will take some time to figure it out.


Hi @tung,

thanks for your quick reply and for opening the issue on Github. Let’s keep our discussion there :+1:


The Rails constant has been removed. Released in v1.5.0 CHANGELOG