Cloudformation Outputs limits ( 60 )


As our app is growing, we have a project that is now producing greater than 60 outputs in the appname-env-ApiGateway-XXXXXXXXXXX cloudformation script. As our result, we can no longer deploy because of an AWS limitation on the number of outputs. Is there a suggested solution on how to get around this AWS limitation within JETS?


Wow. The app must have a decent amount of routes. Bummer that the CloudFormation outputs limit is preventing deploys though.

Will have to dig into removing this limitation.

Here’s the approach that I would probably take. Jets would automatically detect the outputs limit being reached. When needed, Jets would paginate demo-dev-api-gateway.yml to demo-dev-api-gateway-1.yml, demo-dev-api-gateway-2.yml, etc. The API Gateway itself would probably be still in the “parent” demo-dev-api-gateway.yml template. Then Jets would pass the additional nested child stacks to the controller templates like demo-dev-app-posts_controller.yml, etc. This would keep template outputs under the 60 limit.

Unsure when will dig into this. Will consider PRs.


Cool, as mentioned before I’m no ruby guy but I’ll give it a go at a PR. Dead in the water without it. Thanks for the quick response.


Done in Released in v2.1.2