Advanced routes


2 questions

  1. How do I declare singular routes
    example resource :geocoder
    Rails documentation link (

  2. How do I restrict resource methods
    example resources :users, only: [:show]

Looks like I have to declare them explicitly instead of using resource/resources. But wanted to check here.


Don’t have support for this yet.

Also missing this.

Yup, have to declare them explicitly currently. Will dig into this, unsure when. Happy to consider pull requests though :ok_hand:

Jets routing is built really from the ground up. It works pretty differently to account for API Gateway. So it’s doesn’t have a lot of the extras helpers like in the Rails routes yet. Would like them to be added over time. Happy to consider pull requests for this. One nice benefit is that I’m so hoping the implementation will simpler.


Thank you for quick reply. This makes sense, so I’m going with explicit routes.


@tung any update on resources :users, only: [:show]? It would be nice to have that feature. I’ll be more than happy to submit a PR. Heads up?